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Hi an important call from the legal department. The very second you receive this message you need to consider it is your priority to dial this number kindly call us back, so that we can discuss your case and take necessary action on this matter the number is 332-242-2781. I repeat it 332-242-2781. If we don't hear from you then we will be forced to take legal action against you we would like to confirm some information with you before taking legal action. Thank you.


TV is excellent payment history under the CRA you are qualified to get reduction on your credit card accounts. You must act to get the reduction. Press one to speak to a live representative.


Hello, this is Kate from Chase credit card Services. According to your recent and previous excellent payment history. You are qualified to get a 0% up to 24 months on your existing accounts. You must act now press one to speak to a live representative.

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