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Hello please listen to this important message. As of Friday March 4 we have been trying to reach you regarding the Arizona Student Loan forgiveness plan. You are eligible for for forgiveness. If you would like to speak with your dedicated loan counselor. Press one if you would like to be removed from our list press nine.


Callers waiting to speak with a representative. Hi, this is Daniel from Amazon customer service. We have seen a recent order number a M G zero nine, eight seven of iPhone 11 pro on your account, which is billed on your card attached to your Amazon account the amount charged and $1,499 we noticed some suspicious activity on your account. So we have put on hold to this transaction please press one now and to report.


Hello, this is Amy with the health insurance Center. If you missed open enrollment. We have great news we offer PPO plan Stu private a plus carriers such as Cigna Blue Cross, United Healthcare and many more if you are not happy with your current plan paying too much or need coverage immediately. We have the right plan for you if you'd like to hear more about our P T O plans please press one to speak to an agent or nine to be placed on the do not call list.

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they called no answer then hung up, i believe its a phishing scam to see if your number is real

9/22/21 9:31 AM