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Hi this is Daniel from Amazon customer service we have noticed some suspicious activity on your Amazon account of $149.90 on your card attached to your Amazon account press one to cancel and press two. To talk with our customer representative. Thank you.


Hello this call is from Amazon. We have gone through your account and we found that your Amazon account has been used for shopping purpose as we can see multiple orders placed from your Amazon account now to confirm your order press two or press one to talk to our representative.


This call is from Amazon Fraud Protection. If you have noticed this order from your Amazon account registered with this phone number for nights on 13 Pro build(?) $999 scheduled to be delivered to Atlanta Georgia. If you have not placed this order then please press one to speak to a representative immediately. Thank you.

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Caller ID said the call was from the US but it was NOT! Also quite obvious the the English grammar was dreadful. Definitely a SCAMMER voice mail message!

A YouMail Subscriber
2/19/21 4:09 PM