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This call is from Amazon Fraud Protection Department. We have noticed a suspicious order from your Amazon account for King Smith ex 20 trade mill(?) for 400.


Hello, please listen to this important message we are reaching out to you because your student loan may be eligible for complete forgiveness press one to speak to an agent or press nine to be removed.


Dollars for your recent order on Amazon for Apple iPhone 11. If you did not place this order then please press one and speak to our representative. Thank you.

Recent Reports for 050

Says he’s from tech geek. Major scammer

2/8/22 7:07 PM

I didn’t speak on the phone but I answered it and they knew my name and I wanted to know who’s this is

1/21/22 2:58 PM

She knew my name and offered me home repairs, like I'm a homeowner. Website junk.

10/28/21 5:16 PM

Ask me to transfer money because I have a package from Sydney Australia ... And ask me send money 8000 HKD to this account *Bank Name: KCU Darmo* *Account Number:* *0881460016* *Account Name: Rokiyem*

10/11/21 9:09 AM

Told me to send $500 for the Google cards for medical expenses it was a scam

Person who was scammed
9/16/21 12:18 PM

They called and harassed me about fake debt. This is a scam. Do not answer the phone.

A Consumer
8/2/21 1:33 PM

He knew my name and asked for Tracy. I don't know a Tracy. Very odd.

7/27/21 8:29 AM

Called saying someone stole my social to stay on the line to report it

Lynda Martinez
6/11/21 1:45 PM

Caller said they wanted to update my insurance policy, and they would mail me a free estimate for my so called new policy. the called asked me who my current policy holder was. I told them it was Allstate. Then the call was abruptly ended.

John Kaplan
3/15/21 2:54 PM

The person who called me says that she received a call from this number and will try to start conversation. Just deny the fact that you called her and say you were doing something else.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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