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Your customer. Thank you for your purchase from Amazon shopping this call is to inform you that your purchase for Apple Mac book pro in Apple air parts will be delivered by tomorrow evening. And $1537.35 has been debited from your account for the purchase. If you authorize this charge them no action required. If you do not health arises Charleston press one to get connected to Amazon customer support.


This is Amazon. Please call us to authorize the payment of $799 order(?) ... 11. If you did not place this order then please press one and speak to our representative. Thank you.


Hi this call is from Social Security Administration administration office my name is officer Amanda Barns and the purpose of the call we are trying to reach you to let you know that your social security number is been used for some kind of fraudulent activities in the South border of Texas. So please in order go ahead and get more information to speak with officer or press one I repeat press one thank you and have a great day.

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block Spam 027-088-8555

Alright don't call this number, this is scamlikely, anyways if you had came from the berry the dog lost episode story you might have seen the number anyways you can go back to whatever.

Oofernet From Scratch
4/17/22 3:20 PM

block Spam 027-095-1179

Cecilia, KY. No answer when I picked up.

8/23/21 12:51 PM

block Spam 027-060-5576

There is an automatic answer that says “are you calling back because someone called from this number?” I don’t know who it is, but I’m getting tired of this

2/20/21 8:03 AM

block Spam 027-221-4401

Told me to take me off the call list I had to give him my p$&@?

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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