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You that there is an order order number **** placed for Apple iPhone 12 pro using your Amazon account if you do not authorize this order into to refund your amount press one or press two to authorize this order.


Hi there this is Britney calling you from AT&T Direct TV. How are you doing today. Well considering the ongoing pandemic this year 2021 DirecTV has decided to get 50% discount to all of his existing customers. So if you have a moment. Thanks to one of our account specialist so that you can apply the discount on your DirecTV account.


Hi. Yeah, this is Sarah calling you from AT&T DirecTV. Well, considering the ongoing panoramic this year 2021, Direct TV has decided to give 50% discounts to all of its existing customers. So do you have a moment to speak to one of our accounts specialists to apply the discount on your direct T V account. Sounds great so hold on the line let me just transfer your call. Thank you so much for staying on the line.

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