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Tries to sell you a name of a woman (for me it was Sandy) and send a picture of a random woman saying sorry I thought i contacted my “uncle”. Sent a photo of a woman most likely from google and also asked for a photo in return most likely to woo you into sending them money cause theyre a average beautiful woman who someone stupidly would give their info or money too. Do not fall for it.

10/31/21 8:23 AM

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Our creator in heaven knows why your number came into my mind when I needed someone to trust  and talk to. I’m sorry to have intruded into your privacy ,How are you? I hope this email finds you well. First of all, my name is Katherine Harris, 76 years old with no children. I am from Germany by  origin but currently I am in Turkey. I have been a widow for 12 years, my late husband is called Harris Vader . We had to have a religious wedding. He is only so rich that we have not had children because of his sterility. We lived together when I lost him to leukemia, leaving me all his wealth. By the love that I have for him I decided not to remarry again with another person so I live alone in the big house. But for two months now a throat cancer has taken hold of me and I am currently at  The Acibadem Hospital, Istanbul in Turkey.  After several examinations, the doctor has just informed me that I will die in a few days because there is no more remedy for me. This is why I added you because I

7/17/21 6:18 AM

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