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In case of a fast pick up. We ask you to let us know that you're not a voicemail system. So you need to press one to take this call. Okay. I send the caller to voicemail. Goodbye.


Service will be disconnected within the next 30 minutes due to non-payment. Immediate action is required to avoid disconnection today for automatic payments and payment arrangements. Press one to speak to an account specialist. Press two. For other inquiries and billing related questions. Press three.


Hello this is Amazon. This call is to authorize a payment of $999. We would like to inform you that there is an order placed for Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Using your Amazon account if you do not authorize this order press one or press two to authorize this order.

Recent Reports for 020

They texted and tried to scam me through a relationship. They sent a photo of them with an iPhone and the messages were green. It seemed like a real person texting at first but I quickly realized it was a scam. Beware.

10/6/21 9:13 PM

Sent me a message with a scam link

9/21/21 7:18 AM

"In accordance with federal regulations, you are hereby being informed of a claim in our office..."

8/24/21 9:17 AM

Maintenance agreement asking for more money to keep plan we never had plan to start with

8/18/21 1:21 PM

It's Robert from shipping, about package id# 38013931 there is an update please call 12053506401. Reply Stop to Stop

7/23/21 7:09 AM

claims his name is Ben from Miami. Wouldn't video chat but does send text messages - English-not so great! He called, i could tell he's not white and not American despite the pictures sent to me. he's very much from West Africa!!!

Natalie Burns
6/29/21 2:44 AM

Netflix scam. Texted the following: Your Netflix account will be locked because your payment was declined I don’t have a Netflix account.

Dylan Cowan
6/27/21 8:19 PM

Asked if my number belonged to “Braxton” and wanted to hook up with me

6/9/21 8:06 PM

They called and said my social security number had been suspended due to suspicious activity. It’s is clearly a scam, do not follow its instructions. The SSA/IRS will never call you about your information. Be smart.

Trenton Rohrer
6/9/21 12:37 PM

Ask for money blackmail to me all time I don’t know how stop with them ? I need your help and thanks

6/1/21 5:41 AM

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