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Before you receive this is your mother [...]. Watch out the [...] ... so we're gonna-look-at(?) my [...] face-down(?) in your p**** area. Don't [...] play with me. You got for every [...] where wishes(?) she don't people thinking to see if this piece of crap and that you won't-tell-gregory-either(?) ... with-why-do-you(?) do she think(?) somebody pressed-the-[...] make nobody happy make everybody's life miserable because you can't [...] make you happy because I can do is treat with rachel-open(?) your claim(?) that you don't block please make it-talk(?) to you ... to-make-it(?) a 40 year old [...] [...]. You ain't got [...] no more here-he-needs(?) [...] [...].


12/30/18, 11:52 PM

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Commonly Reported Names for (937) 580-4079

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