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Number agent FF. Hello this is Mary Fletcher state number agent FF 694 and this is a notification call from US Department of financial relief services and the purpose of this call is to inform all US citizens our state list that have tax debt about the new zero tax tax debt relief program that was recently put into effect by the by the administration and is open for enrollment. The new zero tax owed relief program will allow you to significantly reduce or eliminate all together your tax debt as it is now considered temporarily non-collectible. However you must elect to enroll into the program as it is only open for a very limited time. So to enroll in the zero tax tax debt forgiveness program. Please call me back at my status my number 855-292-7416. This message has been marked completed by Mary Fletcher. Agent number FF 694. Thank you.
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Hello, my name is David Fuller with division of economic impact with an important state wide update regarding the new economic impact tax debt relief program. We are required by the state to inform those on our list that have tax debt about the new economic impact tax debt relief program that is now offered to you during the special enrollment period the economic impact program has been designed to significantly reduce or eliminate altogether your tax debt as it is now considered temporarily non, collectible during the special enrollment period. This is a big savings for those struggling with tax debt. However, the window for the special enrollment period Wilson clothes. So please call our consumer direct line at 970-710-6998. This message has been marked complete on behalf of the division of economic impact please call Matt.
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Lynn Hudson with the student care. Hello. This is Karen Hudson with the student care relief program approved by the state and you can reach me at my state assigned phone number 855-295-4217. The primary focus of this program is to provide student loan debt relief my either significantly reducing the amount due owe or eliminating it altogether. This was just passed by the bite in the administration and is actively known as the Biden care relief program enrollment into this program is offered for a very limited time and I see that you have not enrolled in this free program yet. So please give me a call and I will make sure your form is submitted it takes five minutes my state assigned phone number is 855-295-4217 and this call has been marked completed by state agent, Karen Hudson agent number, K H 65 talk with you soon take care.
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Yes. Hello, my name is Mary and I'm with the division of health insurance benefits and I have some recent updates for you that you should be aware of so please call me back at 844-877-0492. So, you know the new health insurance relief program has been quickly approved by your state as of may 25th Avenue S citizen you now qualify for a significantly reduced rate for him.


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I am one of those people who's mailbox was always full because I despise going through voicemail and listening to the time, day, # and everything before you can listen to each message, then waiting through all the options of deleting or what to do with each message after.


Love it.

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