(916) 589-8603

Sacramento, CA US
Name: V****** S*****
Location: Sacramento, CA US
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(916) 589-8603

Updated: 6/23/17 5:45 PM

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FrozenGrapesAreBest says...

5/18/17 4:18 PM

I think it is a survey by Verizon about the call they gave you or about some service you had with them.

scammer says...

3/1/17 7:42 AM

Not spam, just a satisfactory survey after you spoke with them on the phone.
Reported Caller Name: Verizon

Denise says...

2/11/17 11:40 AM

This number calls me about every 30 minutes. If it's a Verizon rep why don't they identify themselves in the caller ID? Every other contact I've ever had with Verizon via phone or text identifies it as being a Verizon call.
Reported Caller Name: Don't know

A YouMail subscriber says...

1/28/17 2:51 PM

It is Not spam. Verizon Customer Service calling to see that whatever you called them about earlier was completed to your satisfaction.

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

12/6/16 11:55 AM

Even if it is Verizon that does not mean it is not SPAM.
Reported Caller Name: Verizon ?

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

10/3/16 9:03 AM

IRS Scam Caller
Reported Caller Name: Verizon Wireles

A YouMail subscriber says...

9/30/16 7:28 AM

Not spam
Reported Caller Name: Verizon wireless

jb says...

8/10/16 11:10 PM

Verizon Survey - Not Spam
Reported Caller Name: Verizon

A YouMail subscriber says...

8/3/16 11:54 AM

NOT SPAM! It is Verizon Wireless automated survey for recent call to them. They are calling to find out if your questions were answered and about the agent's service.
Reported Caller Name: Verizon Wireless Service Survey

beldenr says...

6/24/16 7:24 PM

Customer satisfaction survey. NOT SPAM.
Reported Caller Name: Verizon Wireless

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

3/16/16 6:42 AM

verizon survey
Reported Caller Name: VERIZON WIRELES

A YouMail subscriber says...

11/18/15 11:58 AM

Automated Survey Request 20 minutes after a valid support call.
Reported Caller Name: Verizon Wireless

gopcharles says...

8/18/15 7:57 AM

Automated follow up call to request satisfaction servey
Reported Caller Name: Verizon Wireless

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