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I answered it because it looks like a local call. First, there's a silence of about 5 seconds, then a voice saying, "My name is Connor, on a recorded line. I'm calling because you inquired about a job on our website." He doesn't ever refer to me by my name in his greeting, doesn't ask to talk specifically to me. When I said I didn't inquire about any job, he hung up. I called the number back, and I got another recorded voice who called himself "Joe." It's interesting that these bots sound like real people and even sometimes respond as real people. He repeated the exact spiel that "Connor" led with on the original call. I asked whether he was a real person. After a silence of 3 seconds or so, he replied, "Wow, I don't usually get that question. Are you asking because we have a bad connection?" I said, "I'm asking because I want to know who you are." After another 3 seconds, he replied, "My name is Joe." I said, "And the company?" He hung up.
Reported Caller Name: "Connor"

MC Thompson

7/12/19, 11:49 AM

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