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Hey it's Kate. Just following up on that pre-business line of credit I have available for you. I sent a few emails left a couple voicemails. Wanted to put out one more courtesy call before I close your file. I really just want a quick moment of your time to go over the rates and terms and see if it's a good fit for you and your business. Give me a call when you're free I'll be here actually through my lunch hour today doing some catch up. I'll talk to you soon.
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Hey it's Ashley. I'm totally feel like I'm bugging you. I sent a couple of emails left a few voicemails last week. I'm just wanted to follow up as a courtesy actually before I close your file this is regarding providing funding for your business. We do have some fall programs offering about 4 1/2% and we can go up to $1 million and everything is actually paperless and really don't need that much from you. Give me a call back and be happy to go over the details with you. I'm actually gonna be eating lunch at my desk today so give me a call back you should be able to get right there. Talk soon.
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We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty. You should have received something as far as file. Press one speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your cars warranty. Again press one to speak with a warranty specialist 844-989-1708 UST 239 RPG.
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Never heard back from yes I went ahead and close out your file if you do not end up meeting business funding in the future though feel free to reach out I'd be happy to help you out that's what I'm here for. I'm generally pretty good about getting our underwriters to re open file so just give me a call back when you're ready.
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It's Ashley checking back following up on my voicemail from last week actually about funding for your business. We have some really good programs running right now specially for the new fall season rates just over 4% as I mentioned last week. We can actually have the funds in your account and just a couple of days we move pretty quickly here. Give me a call back. Love to go over the details with you. I plan on being at my desk for a couple more hours and hopefully we get to catch up.
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Hello, this is an important message for the vehicle owner your vehicle has been flagged due to your coverage possibly renting out you are still eligible to extend that coverage and avoid being 100% responsible for all repairs press two to decline coverage options and be removed or press one to speak to a specialist about extending coverage again, press one. If you would like to extend coverage or call our 800 number at 844-989-1708 U S T 45.
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It's Ashley. I just realized that we are officially in the fourth quarter. So I sent you an email and the reason for my call is I wanna make sure you got it. I just wanna take a quick minute of your time to go over rates and terms for the pending preapproval I have available for your business. Looks like our rates are coming in right around 4 1/2% right now I really wanted to see if you had a need for funding as you start preparing for year end. I wanna stick around for your call. Talk soon.
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Hey it's Ashley I just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Halloween. Also wanna to follow up one last time this month as well October to see if you had any immediate funding needs for your business. We do have rates as low as 4 1/2% this month with terms up to five years if that's something you're interested in. Give me a quick call when you're free I'd be happy to assess your needs go over any details and and see what I can do to help you out. Thanks.
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Business loan I do not have, never had, did not apply for.


9/27/19, 7:38 AM

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