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Keeping our great nation of political correct this is starting to run this country. We are conducting an urgent Nationwide survey for Fox and the Republican house committee. We want to hear from our conservative party. This is for conservatives only if you are not a conservative please hang up now. You will be connected to one of our representatives who will ask you a few questions. Please ask for a bonus at the end of your participation. Your opinion matters. One moment as we connect you. hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello(?) hello. Hey Sandra Amy from-metals.com(?) I wanna thank you for being a supporter of Fox News how are you now.
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Somebody is in jail that you know
Reported Caller Name: shelby county jail


7/9/14, 10:05 PM

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  • District Attorney Office: 1
  • Shelby County Jail: 1
  • Unknown Name: 1
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