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Pueblo CO US

Comenity Bank

Black Hills Energy
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Due to lack of payment to process your payment please press one to speak with a customer service representative please press two. Your satisfaction is very important to us. So please avoid being disconnected. Thank you for choosing our service. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Goodbye.
Typical Message
Service your American Express account is on the verge of being sent for verification purposes. To check your account status. Please press one to speak with a customer service representative please press two. Your satisfaction is very important. Please avoid being extended. Thank you for choosing our service have a wonderful rest of your day.
Typical Message
This is the H G calling about a change in the status of the account for ****. It is important that we speak with you in the next 24 hours please call us at 866459990, you'll be asked to enter personal message code ****. Again. Our number is 866-459-9190 and enter in personal message code ****. Thank you from B H G.
Typical Message
It's from the disconnection department of comment electricity company to inform you that you will be experiencing a disconnection of service today within 30 minutes. Due to non-payment on the account. Please press one to speak with a representative. Thank you.
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Called three times in a row demanding I call them and pay my balance

Regina Sena

9/27/19, 11:28 PM

Customer service department
Reported Caller Name: Black Hills Energy


6/18/19, 4:45 PM

Customer service line. Not spam. But they also use this number if you haven't paid your utility bill

Black Hills Energy (Gas Company)

12/27/18, 1:24 PM

Black hills energy

A YouMail subscriber

10/15/18, 3:09 PM

The company where I get my natural gas from


9/27/18, 12:11 AM

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