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Possible to avoid service interruption at 1-800-624-6980. Once again that number is 1-800-624-6980. Once again that number is 1-800-624-6980. Thank you.
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Hi this message is for ****. If I've reached the wrong number for this person please call me at 1-800-900-5150 to remove your phone number is Vladimir from flagship please contact me about an important matter at 1-800-900-5150.
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This message is intended for leah. Leah Chris checking of the day flagship credit acceptance. We need you to call us back when you get this message. I had or not a problem 500. Call me back when you can my voicemail. Talk to you soon.


11/21/17, 2:14 PM

flagship debt collection
Reported Caller Name: Flagship Credit Acceptance


12/11/16, 5:55 PM

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