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Credit Collections
Reported Caller Name: Midland Credit Management


Seattle, WA

8/15/19, 11:04 AM

IRS crooks, an Officer john Morrison my taxes have ben flagged with errors and I owe $2,377 to the IRS. LOL! An india raghead with a strong india accent and a name John. LOL! I played along for a while and then called out his scam. He wanted to argue and I told him he was a low IQ,low life MORON. I think he cussed at mein hindu or india or some s** and then he hunfg up like a little B***H. I tried to call back to call him out some more usined *67, and he blocked me.LOL! Do not fall for these scams these people are low life idiots and morons they should be beaten severely and tossed in JAIL!


7/24/19, 6:29 AM

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