Needed information to review with you. This isn't a sales call and it is important that you hold for an account specialist. Will be with you momentarily. An account specialist is not available to assist you yet but while you wait. Did you know you can go Green. Visit us at www.Coley coley-burton(?) calling. Call me ******.
Thank you for being a part of the City Bank family. We know you're busy but if you could please just take a few minutes to log in at forward slash City Client First dot ASP Ex. To review your account status. It would be appreciated. If you would prefer to call us please feel free to visit is always great to get a chance to speak with one of our valued clients. Our toll free number is 1-877-587-5727. Once again thank you for being a valued City Bank customer.
Citibank debt collector; let it go to voicemail.


4/3/18 10:07 AM

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