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Caller keeps harassing me with there calls
Reported Caller Name: American Express

A YouMail subscriber

10/13/21, 10:28 AM



10/4/21, 1:18 PM

I’m getting calls from this number several times a week. They claim they are from Amex, however, I called Amex and they are not aware of this phone #. I also called Verizon and had them block this #, and I myself put a block on this # as well. So far, nothing is helping, I’m still getting calls from them. One is an Indian woman, the other is an Indian man. This has got to stop!
Reported Caller Name: Indian name


7/19/21, 1:44 PM

Bottom feeding debt collectors. Sorry, bottom feeders, I don't answer calls unless I know the number! Blocked.
Reported Caller Name: bottom feeder


5/3/21, 11:30 AM

Crazy Indian debt collectors, I'm scheduled for two different surgeries in the next month and I don't have time for this insanity. I don't need the stress when I am very ill. I'm blocking these idiots and please people for your own sanity do NOT answer any calls from a number unless you know that number!! No one needs that stress.


3/20/21, 8:01 AM

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  • Debt Collection Scam: 17
  • Free Call Toll: 11
  • American Express: 10
  • Unknown Name: 6
  • Bank Debt Collector: 4
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