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866 950-2126 also 866-113-3258 as well as 886-7000-3028 All of these numbers keep calling an say their from SSDI, SSA AND other branches of the government. But their not. As we know SSA would send us a letter or schedule us an appointment @our local SSA office. Please don't give any information to these SCAMMERS WHO ARE OUT TRYING TO ROB YOU. I have contacted my local office and made them aware of these calls. I was directed to get on the web @ oig.ssa.gov and report this. But I feel that giving this information. Was something that I needed to do to help out anyone that may be having the same issues I have been having .. Have A Blessed day an stay safe out there. Cherokee
Reported Caller Name: Scam their saying that there from SSA

Cherokee Johnson

6/10/20, 1:53 PM

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