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Hello, this message is from the business office account. Please return our call at 89078024. We look forward to hearing from you once again, our number is 866-907-8024. Thank you.
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I believe this is spam. Long pause after I answered the phone, then an unprofessional sounding person started asking me for my DOB and address in order to speak about a "business matter" with Duke Health. This not sound like any calls I normally get from Duke Health.


10/11/21, 10:01 AM

Got calls from them really oftem like once a week. Once, someone alreay spoke with me asking me my last 4 ssn digits I refused to do so, so they gave me this number which I didn't call. From then forward they keep calling and leaving voice messages. This is fraud, the number they uses to call me is 919.213.8886.
Reported Caller Name: 8669078024


3/5/21, 3:17 PM

They called this morning and said they were from Duke health. They asked for the parents of my son and even had his full name. This is spam. Wonder if Duke medical records were hacked into again.

Monica Mitchell

10/20/20, 5:48 AM

I logged into Duke health and have no outstanding bill or balance. Seems to be spam/fraudulent.
Reported Caller Name: Duke Health Business


9/29/20, 1:01 PM

Claimed to be from Duke Health, was definitely not Duke Health since i work for Duke I know.
Reported Caller Name: None


7/27/20, 1:53 PM

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