This is very important that you contact Citi regarding an important matter with your Home Depot account. You may visit us At any time. You may also call us at 1-866-458-7619 any agent can assist you. Thank you.
We are sorry we could not speak to you personally we appreciate your busy schedule. So please call city at 1 866-400-5876 118 between the hours of 8 a.m.. To 10 p.m.. Monday through Friday with limited weekend hours. This is not a sales call and any representative can assist you again. The number is 1 866 458-7618. We look forward to speaking to you.
Needed information to review with you. This isn't a sales call and it is important that you hold for an account specialist. Will be with you momentarily. An account specialist is not available to assist you yet but while you wait. Did you know you can go Green. Visit us at www.Coley coley-burton(?) calling. Call me ******.
Citi Bank debt collection; glad I missed the call to say the least.
Reported Caller Name: Citi Bank


2/2/18 1:31 PM

Bill collector


Denver, CO

2/2/18 8:11 AM

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