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Hi this is Megan. I'm reaching out to you today because Amazon currently have customers looking for plumbers in your area. If you're interested in receiving customers from the Amazon Network. Please call me at 888-862-4794. We are only taking a select few in your area. So be sure to contact us quickly. There's no charge to see if you qualify. So please call us at 888-862-4794. You can start receiving these inquiries immediately. Thank you and have a great day.
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You by telephone your Google business listing may not be claimed and verified. If your Google business listing is not claimed and verified it could cause customers to be unable to find you when they are looking for you on Google press one now to check the status of your Google business listing press one now if you are the business owner and want to check the status of your Google listing. Press two to be removed from our calling list.

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1/4/19, 10:06 AM

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