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Keeps calling saying it's a matter in their office with Rogers. I contacted Rogers as I do have internet through them, my balance at the moment is Zero. They actually told me it is a spam call and to report it to the fraud agency.
Reported Caller Name: Don't know


5/6/21, 12:02 PM

This is a legit collection agency. However, like any agency, they'll do whatever they can to get you spooked and pay them money. I had a debt end up with them, that I simply couldn't pay. Towards the end of the 6 year period (Canada) they started to call me and name drop "Rogers" which I think was in hopes of having me panic and call them back. I do actively deal with Rogers, but my cell phone would be cut off by them if I owed them money. Basically, this company may be calling you legitimately, and you probably owe a debt that they now own. Be firm with them, though, and don't admit to anything if you do talk to them. Make them prove that you owe this debt. And if it isn't your debt, tell them as much. They have to cease contacting you if you are not the person they are after, and calling you if it's not you is just wasting their time which they also don't want to do.
Reported Caller Name: AffGlo


4/8/21, 4:54 PM

Calling about Roger's account and I do not or never had a Roger's account. They called at 3am
Reported Caller Name: Aftco


2/24/21, 11:47 AM

This is a call for xxxx we have an important message from Rogers and to call their office. I have not dealt with Rogers in years..


2/16/21, 9:50 AM

Posing as Rogers but I've never had an account with Rogers Mobile. They won't stop calling! So annoying.
Reported Caller Name: NA


1/29/21, 1:39 PM

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