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Robo call.. NOT Chase!
Reported Caller Name: Chase scam call


3/7/22, 1:27 PM

Called 3 times on a holiday ( when bank is closed), said it is Julia from chase and something is wrong withy account.The number doesn't match any of chase numbers and there is nothing wrong with my account.

Ladie L

9/6/21, 1:30 PM

She's claiming to be Fernandez calling from Chase about purchases.. numbers don't match.. don't ever give them your card number. Always call the number on back of card or the 800 number. Also, report it to FTC as fraud. But feds may not do anything if it's out of country but good to let them know. Be smart and careful. Lots of spammers out there..
Reported Caller Name: Chase


6/3/21, 2:07 PM

Called and hung up when I answered. I called back and they said they were with Chase. I hung up and called Chase from the back of my card and was told it was a fraudulent number
Reported Caller Name: Spam


5/26/21, 12:19 PM

Reported Caller Name: Call Alert

A YouMail subscriber

1/27/21, 5:02 PM

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