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This is Genesis at Master Card Services calling you regarding an important business matter about your Zales account. Please call us at 1-888-261-2279 at your earliest convenience. Again that number is 1-888-261-2279. Thank you.
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Saying I’d be stitched up if I didn’t pay my debt.
Reported Caller Name: Richland County Sheriff’s Office

Dequan Bulaki

6/14/20, 10:21 PM

More Spammit Dammit

A YouMail subscriber

7/24/19, 1:34 PM

I got a recorded message to hold!!! They called Me why would i hold!!! Called it back ... genesis credit.. its from a dental credit that is 2 days overdue!!!
Reported Caller Name: Unavailable


7/16/19, 4:21 PM

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