(801) 556-2246

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A Dixon

Amber Gold Marketing
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This number no longer belongs to Amber Gold Marketing. Infinity Concierge Services is spoofing the number to scam Utah consumers. Scam.
Reported Caller Name: Infinity Concierge Services Scam


10/17/20, 6:30 PM

This number is being spoofed. As soon as I asked a question of the caller, he immediately hung up. He was selling time share contracts and calls every couple of days and won’t stop.
Reported Caller Name: Spoofed caller


10/12/20, 6:08 PM

Ha! I know this number (801-556-2246) and it belongs to a client of mine who owns a business in Utah and is NOT making the calls. The morons spoofing this number called the wrong person because I spoke with the con artists and kept them talking to get the details. They caught on and suddenly hung up. The Infinity Concierge Service are the Scammers that STOLE her number and now I’m reporting them to the Nevada police and every site I can. Who will join me?
Reported Caller Name: Con Artists at Infinity Concierge Services

Reporting to Police

10/11/20, 7:36 PM

Infinity Concierge Services in Las Vegas +1 (702) 755-4506 are spoofing this number! This number is a legit business owner whose business is being impacted by the scammer company, Infinity Concierge Services. Infinity Concierge Services have called me 5 times and hang up as soon as I ask questions. They must be stopped!
Reported Caller Name: Spoofed by Infinity Concierge Services

Taylor A

10/9/20, 7:13 PM

This number has been spoofed. I received a call from Infinity Concierge Services, and when I called back, I spoke with the true owner of the number who is a small business owner and is being hurt by scammers spoofing her business number.
Reported Caller Name: Spoofed by Infinity Concierge Services in Las Vegas

Robert Lee

10/7/20, 6:07 PM

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