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Name: T Mobile
Company: T Mobile
Category: Mobile Phone Service
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Updated: 6/22/17 11:32 AM

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Johnny_A_S_ says...

6/20/17 12:07 PM

T-Mobile's tecknical support line: "Hello this message is gonna be for ****** this is ***** here I am calling from T-Mobile technical support here regards to your account just wanted to go ahead and just check back in with you I know you had called in earlier today having some issues here with your phone ending in 1300 I wanted to go ahead and just go over here with you what we were able to go ahead and do in regards to that phone but again I'll be go ahead and trying to go ahead and reach you back here in about 10 to 15 minutes. Please go ahead and wait for my call thank you again."
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

A YouMail subscriber says...

3/20/17 3:39 PM

Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

nephthali15 says...

2/17/17 6:17 PM

Not a spam
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

A YouMail subscriber says...

9/17/16 8:07 PM

Not Spam!!!!!
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

A YouMail subscriber says...

9/14/16 3:38 AM

This is not spam it is T-Mobile Tech support
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile Tech support

SeVere says...

9/10/16 12:22 PM

This is not spam
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

A YouMail subscriber says...

6/8/16 5:21 AM

T mobile tech support.
Reported Caller Name: T MOBILE

A YouMail subscriber says...

4/8/16 5:24 PM

This is T Mobile customer service. THIS IS NOT SPAM!

DJ0517 says...

2/9/15 8:35 AM

Tmobil phone company
Reported Caller Name: tmobil

A YouMail subscriber says...

8/14/13 7:51 PM

I was getting information and my call got cut off, this is the number that they called me back from.
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile Customer Service

fsubb says...

12/24/12 4:27 PM

this is T-Mobile customer service. it is NOT spam.
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

blameitonben says...

10/20/12 1:11 PM

T-Mobile Customer Care
Reported Caller Name: T-Mobile

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