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Updated: 8/18/17 1:19 AM

Reports as Spam 129

Reports as Not Spam 8

Calls Blocked by YouMail 162.3K

FCC Reports 13

FTC Reports 641

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A YouMail subscriber reported as spam

8/1/17 12:40 PM

They left this message

tmac007 reported as spam

7/26/17 9:57 AM

They left this message

(not clear)

SimplyJarrett reported as spam and says...

7/18/17 4:05 AM

Robo caller for "debts" and demand immediate Western Union pymt. I have no such debts, and know this is a scam! After Robo message, you're connected to India Call Center, who strong arm you to pay or be arrested today!!

FrozenGrapesAreBest reported as spam and says...

5/9/17 12:56 PM

This is the ERC, their website is: http://www.ercbpo.com/help/. They're collecting debts for some companies and they say that they're calling about "a personal business matter". They're calling me so many times so I'm blocking this annoying spammer.l

michelle22 reported as spam and says...

5/6/17 3:38 PM

Reported Caller Name: Blacklisted

nevin reported as spam and says...

3/22/17 6:18 PM


A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

1/11/17 8:47 AM

Unknown Debt collector
Reported Caller Name: ERC

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

11/23/16 3:05 PM

Either calls and hangs up, or starts in with a spiel about 'money you owe' (and there is no way there is. Sometimes calls multiple times in a row. Feels lovely to hang up on them - and am absolutely delighted they will now get the doo-doo-doo with every bit of stupidity they want to insert into my own (valuable) time. Besides which, I've been on the National Do Not Call registry since its inception, and when I went to renew it, was ALSO over the moon that the DNC registry had been transformed into a lifetime request. But, I'm still not certain how to actually begin a complaint with the Registry. Anyone have experience with it? Could us a little help! TIA!
Reported Caller Name: Utter junk!

CadBane reported as spam and says...

7/22/16 9:47 AM

ERC collection agency trying to collect on a debt that I do not owe. Unsure if it is a scam or a mistake.
Reported Caller Name: ERC

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

7/7/16 5:46 PM

No message left, but has called over and over.

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