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... hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello(?).
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Sorry to keep you waiting I'm still trying to connect. I'm still trying to connect you hold please. Still trying to connect. Thank you for waiting. Sorry to keep you waiting I'm still trying to connect. Still trying to connect you hold please. I can I fix(?) ****. Hello.
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Debt collection caller. Ignored it and glad I did.
Reported Caller Name: SunTrust Bankruptcy Department
This message is from SunTrust Mortgage. Please return the call at 1-800-443-1032.


7/24/17, 11:15 AM

Bank, not spam.


8/1/19, 8:15 AM

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  • Suntrust Bankruptcy Department: 7
  • Noip: 5
  • Ass Old2: 4
  • Suntrust Debt Collection: 2
  • Unknown Name: 2
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