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Local button one now I'm gonna share with the Lord showed me press the numerical button one now and someone around you did something against you press the numerical button one now. This is one the reasons why you had to go through what you went through even with his family member press the numerical button one now or press one now. If you wish to no longer receive these messages please 50 option three now.
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That's the dish you want(?) an individual that was good to you but not but for you this is might be important there's been a test. This is why you've been feeling restless and even an individual that is crucial(?) that you care deeply about being honest about something as I get for and I need to speak to you the superior has been getting to start-shortly(?) so many things that the Lord is trying to pull you out and about I'm about to pass the phone to my assistant. He's going to give your number. I must hear back from you before Friday or before Friday I grab a pen and grab a piece of paper write this number down now here's(?) the number to dial is 213-810-9897. The number again is 213-810-9897.

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Gainesville, FL

4/23/19, 12:37 PM

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