(770) 238-1969

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Atlanta Northeast, GA US
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This is a message from Symphony Bank regarding Sam's Club Master Card. Please return our call to 1-866-743-8547 for faster service visit our website at Sam's Club.com slash credit. Our mailing address is 170. West Election Road Suite 1:25 Draper Utah 84020. Again please call 1-866-743-8547. This is a recording. Thank you.
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Please stay on the line. This is a recording. Thank you for holding. We are still trying to connect your call. Please continue to hold. A representative will be with you shortly. We are sorry we are unable to connect you at this time. We will try again later. Thank you. Hi connecticut(?) Dustin Mahar. Hello Jeff and Michelle available.
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Hi this message is for Pauline Johnson. Please call us in regards to the Sam's Club and the phone number to call is 866-743-8547. Again it's 866-743-8547. Thank you.


10/10/18, 6:52 PM

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