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Note here. If you haven't seen the [email protected] This is a free workshop that we created but we explain how this business is set up. We take care of the product with film and we take care of all the marketing. We can close all your sales and do all the techie stuff like building the websites and put in the email system together. That's all done for you. In fact the school message which is an automated voice follow up system is also on files(?) for you. We will call all your leads as well. So for whatever reason you decide this is the last thing we want we wanna do is bug your messages or emails. We're just trying to give you the information that you requested. You want to get off our list you can simply call the number back and press nine to go back and finish reviewing the information all the bonuses that we have are still available go to 10 K weekly.com that's spelled the just the way it sounds ... key weekly.com that's 10KWEKLY.com. Talk to you later.


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