(720) 728-3200

Name: Comenity Bank
Website: http://about.comenity.net/
Category: Associations Organizations and Foundations
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(720) 728-3200

Updated: 7/5/17 10:42 AM

Status Working number as of 8/18/16

Reports as Spam 48

Reports as Not Spam 6

Calls Blocked by YouMail 20.6K

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FTC Reports 56

Third Party Reports 2
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NoneOfTheUglyPonies reported as safe and says...

7/5/17 10:42 AM

Comenity Bank calling me all the time, here is the voicemail that they left me just now: "This is Comenity Bank calling in regards to Victoria secret. Please make it a priority to return this call today regarding a matter of personal importance at 800-695-7020. Again that number is 800-695-7020."

A YouMail subscriber reported as safe and says...

6/1/17 5:49 PM

Comenity Is a bank for certain financial institutions just like Chase might finance an auto loan for example, same thing it is not a SPAM number. Now I guess if you are delinquent on your account they could be considered to you a debt collector
Reported Caller Name: COMENITY Bank

RedPowerRanger reported as safe and says...

9/2/16 2:32 PM

comenity bank debt collection
Reported Caller Name: comenity

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