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I am undergoing a hardship with justifying my profile name that has been a continuos wrongful hit against my rights as a past victim of abuse and being flagged by the system in Colorado and a citizen of Pueblo FACING push of the streets and now living homeless 2x unprotected with my service animal has been evicted in every placement I find to be safe and stable...Followed by affiliated inside slumlords of a unorganized Real Estate of the LLC unknown title name to harrase messages and calls to push the buttons to no limits and say threats to capture and plot my reputation of character of deformation and hide their activity of criminal crimes under phishing and short codes of numbers by whitecollor hackers cloning email names to steal personal private information that should be secured that is now known that I face a high risk of becoming a victim again of identity theft and fraud of receiving scam calls and false impersonation represinatation IN THE SOC. SEC. ADMINIS. OFC. ELSE WHERE
Reported Caller Name: A********* U*******


11/4/19, 11:24 AM

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