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Verify your business with Google. Our records show your business has not been verified by Google. Please press one now so we can verify your business with Google. If you are the business owner. Please press one now. If your account has not been verified to customers searching for your services will not find your listing press one now to verify your listing or press nine to be removed from this list.
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We understand they can be quite annoying. We would like to free up your time is the business owner and help stop these calls. Our system is come back with an error on your listing showing that it's either unclaimed marking pertinent information or is not 100% complete which flags it at risk for removal 75% of search engine users use Google as their preferred search engine if you're missing information. Chances are you're not being shown in local results press one now to speak with a technician. We only need a few minutes of your valuable time together the needed information to update your listing and secure the listing and fix the issues. If you are the business owner. Please press one now to speak with a Google certified technician to get this finished once and for all press two to be removed from the calling list.
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They say don't hang up. I hang up!
Reported Caller Name: Unknown

A YouMail subscriber

Buffalo, NY

7/26/18, 10:03 AM

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