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Jimmy it's Simmons socket set at BP dot and Espanol. Dear some like engineer and music families. Thank you for your patience as we work with the police department on dropping off and picking up procedures. Our highest priorities to keep your children safe at all times. This is a reminder. Dismissal is at 12 noon. Students will not be released from their classes until 12 noon. If you arrive early parking the red zones. Do it soon is a fire lane. If you tried to park in the red zone you will be asked to move. Once again give us on is not a park consultant do it it's for pick up and drop off only. Please plan to arrive anytime between 12 noon and 12:30 to pick up your child but-the-date(?) from the high school on Fairview Road. Please make sure to enter on a Drive. We ask you to wait patiently in line. It is important that all drivers are stay(?) in the car so that the students are able to enter from the side walks(?) plus your drive through the parking lot. Please remember to slow down and watch all their children. We want to keep all children safety for doing after our summer program. Thank you in advance for your support. The safety of our students is our first priority. Katie does(?) ... me-out-of(?) it I know the more Sica and-king-eddie(?). Just push a-party(?) PC [...] on the ... Bahamas gonna do but the mentally policy ... mentors(?) that you have had their little sister Leanne this is Bertie that is monty-ls-sudha(?) we do this is a horse ... demo-schedule(?) for ... in(?) ... done(?) the last this is classes and(?) ... those-two-stage(?) you got them this unit in less than(?) a Roxas Roxas servicing(?) ... to say sister Fiona roxas-philip-with(?) the demo versus one(?) mass in(?) ... noise but it says you're not.

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Irvine, CA

7/20/17, 1:05 PM

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