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Hi, this is Chloe I'm in our company's employment and staffing department on a recorded line and I show here. That you inquired about our job on one of our website. Can you hear me? Okay. So I'm with E D you have any commercial on the road and I show here that we have multiple jobs available in your I'm with E D U matter. Regarding a job, but my callback number is 8884.
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Hi, my name is Alison calling from edu matter. How are you today calling from E D U match? On equality recorded line to follow up on your recent registration on your employment dot. Com, where you indicated that you're interested in furthering your education. I'm here today to help determine the school and education option for you from over at 35 schools with him edu Metro has business relationships with I just have a few questions. I need to ask you to you matter regarding education and my call that number is 866-201-8283.
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Hi this is Monica and I'm a vacation specialist calling on a recorded line. I need the water(?) Department. Can you hear me okay. I'm with vacations I want my call back number is 866-201-3252.


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