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Really you're not talking. I could've swore in the beginning of our relationship. You told me that you don't just talk to someone or say awful hateful things and then you don't want the person respond or say anything and you cut them off. Okay well I guess to finish in the voicemail that I left you before since you're not talking to me and you cut me off. Now this is part of the problem shame you ignore me you know that that is the worst possible thing to do to me that I will over saying that I will be hurt and you do in anyway you do it because you know it hurts and that's not right. All I've ever asked you for we your love and your attention and you withhold(?) that that's not love. Did you ever love me or did you just like get with me to torture me because you knew that I love you you knew how much I [...] loved you and you just wanted torture me. Well I want off of this [...] roller coaster I don't one love one day and I don't know the next day that breaks someone's heart change. You can't do that to people you can't just say well I'm not gonna tell you I don't wanna be with you but I can't tell you I want to I begged you last night calmly rationally no tears no feelings just just straight up trying to be calm and rational with you and tried to tell you how I felt. I'm sorry for the things that I've done but I never once hear you say that you're sorry not even once you were at fault to this to both of us. I love you. I want a future with you. I wanted all that because I know that you were the one for me but I can't do this I'm not gonna let you treat me like this any more so if you wanna leave me go ahead that's fine. Do your thing go out tonight. I will do my thing because that's what you told me to do. You told me you don't wanna be with me and to move on. So why you sent me that text and tell me to have fun and be safe I don't know there was nothing else that needed to be said after you dumped me last night. So I don't even understand why today happened how I lost you today I don't even get it because I don't even talk to you to do anything wrong what did I do I didn't lose you Shane you lost me you lost the future of life a wife possibly how how could you throw that away. You had a moment you had women that have [...] with other people why you stole from you I've never done anything to you over reacting be emotional and stupid it's it I've never hurt you I never would. I love you but I'm not gonna let you treat me like this so you know what I didn't lose you and you asked me if you wanna go out tonight and you wanna do your thing and just forget about me and trash every bit of the future that we had go ahead because I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna get stupid [...] wasted because that's the only way I'm gonna be able to forget the pain that you've caught you took away our future. You took away my love. You killed everything that was good and between us.


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