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Hi, it's Lily Jackson with fair account. I'm so sorry, we missed you. I wanted to invite you to a live telephone town hall to hear from doctors and other expert on COVID-19 vaccines their safety and effectiveness you can even ask your own questions. It's free to participate. If you hear this message shortly after 6:00 PM and would like to join please dial 855-756-7520, extension 75085. Pound. If you missed it visit count me in M S .org for more information and to find a vaccine near you paid for by Sear account in partnership with seven economic advancement project
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Hello, this is bishop William J Bob at the second with the National poor people's campaign and repairs of the breach thousands of North comedians have died from COVID-19, but they're steel one thing we can do to keep our sales. I loved ones and our community safe get vaccinated vaccines are tested space and effective I can help protect you against the dangerous Delta variant of COVID-19 that is spreading across North Carolina. Don't wait to vaccinate visit my spot dot N C dot gov or call 888-675-4567 to find a vaccine location near you paid for by the North Carolina the H H.
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Hi, it's state health director and she is not. Hi, it's state health director and Chief medical Officer, Doctor Elizabeth Nelson inviting you to a live fireside chat tomorrow at 5:30 PM to discuss covid-19 booster shots. We want to hear your questions is for you to participate. So answer the phone tomorrow at 5:30 PM to join thanks. This has been paid for by the North Carolina Department of health and human
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Hi, it's secretary Mandy calling with North. It's secretary Mandy calling with North Carolina is health and human Services inviting you to a live telephone town Hall tomorrow at 5:00 PM to discuss covid-19 testing treatment and prevention will also be taking your questions lot. It's free to participate. So answer the phone tomorrow at 5:00 PM to join thanks paid for by N C D H
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Good evening. This is Congressman Tom L and S key calling to invite you to a live telephone town hall meeting to discuss the recent COVID-19 economic stimulus bill this meeting is starting and dressed a few minutes to join the call. Please just stay on the line you will have the opportunity to ask questions share comments were just listen to it again, please stay on the line to be connected to our live phone conference Marilyn progress. Thank you you were joining a live conference already in progress please be aware that your local phone company may leave your line open for up to 32 seconds. After you leave the conference. If you would like to ask the speaker a question please press zero.
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Call from US Rep. Alma Adams.
Reported Caller Name: "Unknown Name"


1/14/19, 10:06 AM

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