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Hello my name is Audrey and I'm a Social Security disability. Your number has successfully been added to our do not call Registry. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Hello this is Eva with my Medicare. How are you doing. I'm with Medicare discount card regarding your insurance warranty and my call back number is 866-351-1186.
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Frede with Medicare discount card people to. I'm with the Medicare discount card regarding your insurance warranty. My callback number is 866-201-4312.
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Okay now, I'm with living senior and you can press one to be removed and I show that you may be interested in canceling your timeshare, which will in turn eliminate your mortgage and your maintenance fee payments now our team of lawyers may be able to provide an affordable legal solution with a hundred percent client satisfaction guaranteed. Just to confirm you currently own a time share correct.
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How are you doing? It's coordinator here with Medicare discount card. I'm with Medicare discount card. Regarding insurance my callback number is 866-201-5966.


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  • Scam Likely: 5
  • Medicare Scam: 3
  • Legal Settlement Scam: 1
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I love the fact that I can just go on here and hear my voicemails.

Best app ever !!!

Best app ever.

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