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Sen Marsha Blackburn
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A free telephone town hall about how best to revitalize our nations economy. Again this is Sen. Marsha Blackburn. Please stay on the line to listen in on this free call. Thank you. Please hold while we connect you to your access live event. This access live event is currently in progress. Please note that this call maybe monitored recorded or rebroadcast questions my staff one of our team members will pick you up and then they will help you with getting the question answered. If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and the blackburn(?) report you know that we've had a pretty busy six months here in Washington and if you haven't subscribe head over to Blackburn dot senate.gov and sign up that's our website Blackburn dot senate.gov and sign up there's also information on all sorts of things that you will find helpful there on that website now today we have been busy in judiciary committee and we're handling a lot of things issues on data security privacy on especially(?) the nomination and confirmation of federal judges and where you are up to 127 confirmed judges we've got a hearing tomorrow for three more that we are going to be ready to put on the docket to vote out of-committee(?) and I know data privacy and data security is on everybody's mind because as I talked to you at home when we're out and about and this is something that you always bring up especially(?) mom are talking quite a bit about that and I have re introduced the browser(?) ... in the senate. I started working on that deal when I was in the house and it would require tech companies like Google Facebook and Twitter to ask their customers to take-t(?) ball for collecting and using personal data and I just left the(?) ... in the judiciary committee with Sen. Cruise we've been working on there and we are certainly looking forward to addressing these issues we had someone from Google in front of us today. In addition we had some five individuals from the market place you can pull that hearing(?) up if you wanna look at it it will be on the judiciary committee website. Again if you just come on to the call and you got a question that you want to ask me it's star three star three and that is going to put you in the queue.


7/22/19, 7:15 AM

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