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Hi hi my name is Corey Anderson sorry I missed you. I was reaching out to Time share owners with a courtesy call to inform you of the 20 19th scheduled maintenance fee increases. If I have reached you in error my apologies in advance. I was calling to inform you that we were just advised of a significant maintenance fee increase is scheduled to begin the 2019 that you may not be aware of this yet. I wanted to let you know that the no attorney time share program offered all the paperwork needed and step-by-step instructions to walk you through canceling your own time share contract. Did you know the most of Google search for Time Share owners in 2018 is no attorney time share kit. It's easy and affordable to cancel your own time share contracts for less than the cost of your maintenance fees that will be due this year. You can terminate your time share before for your maintenance fees are due in a short of 60 days with zero risk and 100% money back guarantee the time Share owners have been searching for the solution to finally get out of their contract without losing money. The only guaranteed solution is to cancel your own time share contract with the pre-written paper work designed by attorneys that's been seen on TV and heard on satellite radio. I understand that you may have paid to try and get out of your time share prior to this call and may have lost money this kid not only cancels the contract but also get your money back from those companies. I look forward to speaking with you. I'll be in the office till 6:00 PM today. My number is 702-880-0082 again that's 702-880-0082.


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