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Telemarketing lawyer Greg Slate has lost his law license. He had over 50 cases as a criminal Before he became a lawyer Representing himself in DC, he then cheated fraudulently to become a lawyer in Maryland where they were not aware of all his crimes .The Bar Council in Baltimore Maryland did not know about his crimes but when the public found out he was a lawyer a complaint was filed now because of GregSlate.org all the judges and lawyers are on to him, Greg Slate can no longer walk the halls of justice in DC he has been Exposed. Go to GregSlate.org see the clear and convincing evidence with booking photos of him & his family. Greg Slate used this number cloning it and masking it saying they were veterans for America. GregSlate.org is a Consumer reports website at its best. This website is some of the best investigative journalism on the Internet John Walsh of America's most wanted would be proud. His Telemarketing business #is 202-9077526 or 410-5561428,let them know how you feel.
Reported Caller Name: G*** S**** t************ s******

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10/28/16, 6:36 AM

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