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This is a message from your organization. Hello. This is Boston American G tropical storm, henri is expected to impact the Boston area Sunday August 22nd through Monday, August 23rd 20 21. During the storm, we expect to experience damaging winds potential power last storm surge flooding and flooding rain residents are encourage to stay indoors throughout that time due to the uncertainty of the stones track and impact additional alerts may be issued please turn on your T V or radio regularly to get the latest weather update in the event of an emergency please call 911 for non, emergency issues. Please call 311 word how to prepare for Hurricane at Boston dot gov slash Hurricane. Thank you.
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Following is a message from alert Boston. The City of Boston is community notification system. Please listen and follow instructions a tornado warning with recently issues and cancelled for Boston by the National weather service unsettled weather over the coming days could result in additional warnings flying debris will be dangerous to those without shelter mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed damage to roofs windows N vehicles will occur three D images likely residence outside to take cover and a 30 building shelter in the basement or lowest level use an interior room away from windows and exterior walls and protect themselves from flying debris.
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Not boston city hall
Reported Caller Name: Boston City Hall

A YouMail subscriber

12/28/20, 6:47 AM

Blocked by accident . Very safe
Reported Caller Name: OF BOSTON CITY


6/13/20, 8:01 AM

Reported Caller Name: City of Boston


3/13/19, 2:36 PM

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VA Hospital number listed in data base as spam, so it will not allow me to receive calls from them.

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