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This is a very important documented message for Lydia. Lydia my name is Ms. Harris and I'm calling from Community Bank regarding a very crucial business matter that has come to my office today for review and I see that we've made multiple attempts to contact you would be in your best interest to contact me with the name and number of your representing attorney and if you're not being represented by an attorney and you're choosing to handle this matter voluntarily Lydia that I suggest you contact me immediately so I can help you. I am in the office today and till 4:30 to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. You may reach me at 855-334-4197 direct extension 1 277120.


9/5/19, 6:21 PM

They call numerous times a day which is illegal. Its harrassment.
Reported Caller Name: C******* B***


7/12/17, 3:53 PM

Comenity Bank Debt Collection
Reported Caller Name: C******* B*** D*** C*********


10/31/16, 11:04 PM

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  • (6**) 7**-4***: 25
  • C*******: 23
  • U****** N***: 13
  • C********: 11
  • C******* B***: 1
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