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Street walker
3123 seconds I know where were you for me. Like I said yesterday when I had a ... time happen(?) two nights in a row. Where the [...] are you. When I woke up and I needed you only in my dream this is only in my dreams. You never there for me. You think I'm so foolish in fact-thinking-it(?) ... i(?) started [...] each other. I need(?) to call if you need(?) ... you know and so you started going and tell you several law because I ask you to I have to go out like a bear(?) go out like a liar and then finally started. I mean even walking the nude in front of me and you put your hand in front of you when you got out of bed to walk to the bathroom at least for the first week we were together the second week you started shaving your your hair your peer(?) but then I was shocked that you would be that way you never made noise I had to teach you that I guess you don't remember any of that you 20 years ago and that you tried to call me right now and I can't concentrate when the phone does that. So where you all I was gonna call you gonna clean my tub blah blah blah blah blah cords(?) come clean my whole house I'll pay you I'll give you 200 bucks. You know there was supposed to be. That's it.


10/27/18, 9:25 PM

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