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Got a call from Kim. She wanted to know if I had a supplier for my Duke Gas and Electric account. I told her I did and my current supplier was Major Energy. She asked if I knew how much my cost per Kwh was. I did not so we looked on my bill. Turns out, I was paying 13 cents per Kwh! I couldn't believe it. Kim told me with her supplier, they guarantee to be the lowest cost for 2 years. Lower than all suppliers and even Duke. She said if I was enrolled last month, I would have paid about 5.5 cents per kwh. It was a huge difference so it was a no brainer to me. Switched! Thanks Kim!
Reported Caller Name: Kim

A YouMail subscriber

4/27/20, 1:07 PM

I received a missed phone call from this number along with a voicemail. The voicemail said something about Duke Energy Choice and how there is a provider that guarantees to be the lowest cost electric and gas provider for the next 2 years. You can only do this thru the Duke Energy Choice Program. I have been with Constellation for many years but this provider gave me a much better offer. I switched!
Reported Caller Name: Mary


4/23/20, 9:37 AM

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