(510) 210-8855

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Richmond, CA US
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******. Hello my name is Sarah Strader. This is our second attempt to reach you in regards to information obtained under your name and social security number. This message will serve as your formal notification. It is imperative that we speak with you to discuss this matter further. You may contact our office directly at 1-855-764-8926. That number again is 1-855-764-8926. Upon returning this call please refer to reference number 754-5354 more message documented.
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******. Hello my name is Allison Strader. I am reaching out to you today as a courtesy in regards to documentation that was placed attached to your name and social security number. I have been asked to review this matter and I wanted to give you a chance to provide a statement on your behalf prior to my recommendation in being made. It is imperative I speak with you to discuss this matter further. I can be reached directly at 1-855-764-8926, and when returning the call please refer to file number 836372. Courtesy message documented.
Reported Caller Name: Allison Strader


10/9/19, 9:31 AM

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