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Hey it's Lilly. Thanks for calling me back. I'm sorry I'm on the other line but please leave me a message so I can get you some additional help with your pain. I'll call you back as soon as I'm able. Thanks. Please leave your message after the tone when done hang up or press the pound key.
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Hey it's Danielle calling about your pain. I wanted to get the application process so we can get these items out to you. Go ahead and give me a call back at 1-800-283-3692. Again that's 1-800-283-3692. Thanks. Bye.
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Danielle from Complete Medical Solutions. I was hoping to reach you before I leave for the day to get you qualified.. My number is 800-327-5971
Reported Caller Name: Danielle


6/25/19, 1:36 PM

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